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Welcome! The preparation period for the winter season is over! I'm waiting for the first starts, which will take place in Kuusamo, Finland from 23rd to 25th November. Since the last time my preparations have taken place in Austria and Poland. I've done a lot of work, so I hope to pick fruits in winter. I made a plenty of jumps in Zakopane and Austrian Innsbruck - the latter will host the World Championships. I am also not forgetting about running training! The progress is visible and it is an additional motivation for me. For the first time in my career I won the title of Polish Champion, which also bodes well for the future. There is only a week left to my challenge!
Keep your fingers crossed, greetings!

Szczepan Kupczak,
nordic combiner

Checking in after the summer Grand Prix in Oberstdorf. You can see the progress that bodes well for a good winter! 12th and 19th place are my best results in this cycle. I'm coming back to the country for a few moments to catch my breath and in less than two weeks to set off for the last longer grouping before the winter season. We will be in Seefeld, Austria, where the Nordic World Ski Championships will take place in February. All I need is decent health - the rest will go well.”

Szczepan Kupczak,
kombinator norweski

The spring period came to an end, the preparatory goals I had planned for that time were met. I had a few camps in Szczyrk and Zakopane where I could do all the trainings in peace and quiet. Ski jumping is only ½ of my preparations, the plans also included mountain cross-country roller skiing and gym. However, as much as I like to train in Poland, we can't do much with what the nature has provided us with. I wanted to have contact with the snow, and so I went with the team to the nearest and, in my opinion, one of the best training centers in Ramsau. The local glacier helps in preparations; having contact with snow we do not lose the feel and technique, which will surely pay off for the winter. Summer begins and the first starts in the Summer World Cup cycle along with it. Now I'm waiting for the next part of the preparations and the first competitions that will show if I'm heading in the right direction!”

Szczepan Kupczak,
nordic combiner