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Reconstruction of medium voltage (MV) lines

Grid Connections Coordinator Ryszard Sewera
Tel. 662 135 999, e-mail: rsewera@elmontaz.pl


During the execution of tasks related to the construction of MV networks, we have noticed increasingly frequently appearing expectations of our customers concerning the construction of MV networks or reconstruction of the existing overhead MV networks. Such projects enable much less conflicting coexistence of MV networks necessary for everyday life with the rest of the infrastructure and in many cases eliminate construction obstacles appearing in case of existence of MV lines in the defined area. A cable line, unlike an overhead, can be laid along the boundary of the plot without interfering with the investments planned by the plot owner. This, in turn, increases the attractiveness of a given area not only in financial terms, but also in terms of safety, landscape or its management possibilities.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have launched a service consisting in a comprehensive reconstruction of the MV line. This will enable you to free yourself from the burdensome neighborhood of cables and MV lines visible every day, as well as to transform an unattractive plot of land where this type of infrastructure is located into interesting areas for construction investments.

Elmontaż Sp. z o.o. offers the preparation and performance of a comprehensive service consisting in the reconstruction of MV lines. The proposed service includes the following stages of work:

Item Work stages Necessary time (minimum days)
* 1 Signing of the preliminary agreement 10
* 2 Definition of the reconstruction scope 10
* 3 Preparation of the estimated offer 10
4 Agreeing with TAURON the technical conditions for MV reconstruction 30
5 Signing of the final contract for design and construction works 15
6 Signing of the agreement between TAURON and the customer 21
7 Preparation of materials necessary for the implementation of the project 30
8 Preparation of project documentation 90
9 Technical stipulation of the documentation with TAURON 21
10 Application for a building permit (notification) 60
11 Construction work 60

Based on our experience, we offer you to carry out all the work by professional staff, which will contribute to solving problems which, due to their complexity, are difficult to implement on your own.


* A cost of PLN 400 net - deducted from the value of the signed contract.